EV Charge Solutions® Trade-in Program

Seamlessly upgrade your setup by trading in your existing electric vehicle charging station
and a receiving a substantial discount towards the revolutionary EVBox IQON.

Our customer-centric approach is a simple process: just fill out the designated form detailing your current unit’s specifications.
A photo of the trade-in unit is required along with this form to qualify.

Submit these documents to Sales@evCHARGEsolutions.com, and you’re on your way to the future of EV charging!

The trade-in credit program details are found below:

Single Port Unit $7,495 $2,000 $5,495
Dual Port Unit $7,495 $4,000 $3,495

• Single Unit defined as (1) Single Port Unit
• Dual Unit defined as (1) Dual Port Unit or (2) Single Port Units
• Eligibility / Requirements: A maximum of 10 ports per location my be traded-in, trade-in units must be destroyed & properly disposed, any Level 2 EV charging station qualifies, operable or not.
• A clear photo of the trade-in unit must be provided in order to qualify for this program.
• Terms: Limited IQON chargers allocated to program, program ends when allocated chargers are gone, new IQON must be networked, EVCS may end program at any time, IQON chargers come with a 3-year (parts only) warranty

(Click image below to download the fillable EV Charge Solutions® Trade-in Program Form.)

Upon completion, please send to: Sales@evCHARGEsolutions.com and be sure to attach your trade-in unit photo!
If you have further questions or need assistance, we're available to help! Call us at (585) 533-4051 to get a LIVE representative.