State Funding, Tax Credits, & Rebates: Ohio

Incentives for new Level 2 and 75 DC Fast Charging Stations - AEP Ohio
AEP Ohio is offering rebates for 300 Level 2 ports for public, workplace, and multifamily properties as well as 75 public DC fast charging stations. The Level 2 rebates cover between 50% and 100% of the combined charging station plus make-ready costs with caps ranging from $5K to $10K per port. The DC fast charging rebates cover 80% (capped at $50K) or 100% (up to $100K) of the total charging station plus make-ready costs for privately-owned or government-owned property. Properties in low income geographic areas are encouraged to apply, at least 10% of funding will be set aside for these areas and covered 100% in cost. Find out more information on the AEP EV Charging website.

Multi-Dwelling (MUD) Incentive Program - Smart Columbus Electrification Program (SCEP)
Smart Columbus Electrification Program (SCEP) Multi-Unit Dwelling (MUD) Incentive Program offers incentives of up to $25,000 per multi-unit dwelling property or facility, but cannot exceed $3,500 per installed plug or parking space. Applicants must provide a 35% of total project cost cash match requirement. Eligible costs include purchase and installation of charging stations. Find more information from the Smart Columbus MUD Incentive Program Application page.