EV Charge Solutions and COVID-19
A message from our president to our valued supporters and customers

First, we hope you and your family remains healthy and safe!

Now that we are about a month into our COVID-19 plan, I would like to provide an update to our supporters and customers.

This health crisis came upon us quickly so many were not prepared with a plan. We were no different. Ironically, during our annual strategic planning session, our team discussed putting such a plan in place. A few weeks later, we, like most were motivated to act quickly. And we did.

Having our electronic files and software programs housed on the cloud made working remotely relatively easy. Our team uses laptop PC’s so portability is not an issue. Our smart phones are also being used as scanners. Office phones are easily forwarded to the designated call taker. Meetings are held online using Microsoft Teams.

We have staffed our warehouse with one person to manage incoming and outgoing product (as well as stocking and organizing the new warehouse addition).

So, our administrative, sales, and marketing staff has been and continues to operate remotely with almost no negative affect.

After 3 weeks of reduced hours, we were able to celebrate a return to full-time hours with a virtual happy hour on Friday! The CARE Act is allowing our whole team to now work their regular 40-hour weekly schedule. We will continue to practice social distancing while providing the same (live person) access and service you have come accustomed to. We are open for business and eager to assist with your projects when you are ready.

From the EV Charge Solutions Team™ to yours, thank you all for your continued support and we wish for your health and safety as we navigate through this crisis.


Mike Moser, President