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EVSE J1772 Connector Holster. EV Cable Retractor 92 EV Cable Retractor
J1772 Connector Holster
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $1,099.00


J1772 Connector Holster

92" Cable Retractor Keep EVSE cords off the ground to prevent wear and tripping hazards. Potential accidents are reduced and cord life is greatly extended.
EVSE Wall Mounted Steel Protector EV Cable Dock EV Charging Station Cord Clamp for Cord Retractor
EVSE Protector - Wall Mount Guard (Steel)
List Price: $275.00
Our Price: $275.00
Protect your wall-mounted EV charging station with the EV Charge Solutions 'Wall Mount EVSE Guard'. The 1/4" plate steel eliminates any chance of impact damage to the EVSE. The bright yellow, powdered-coated finish drawas attention to the location of the charger as well as adds another layer of protection by warning drivers of it' existence. EV Charger Storage Accessory Cord Clamp for Cord Retractor, ¾”
Heavy Duty 9" Wall Hook EV Charge Solutions wall mount EVSE cord hanger Heavy Duty Garage Storage J Hook 6"
Heavy Duty 9" Wall Hook
Our Price: $14.99
9" Utility Hook Economy Wall Mount Cord Hanger, Hardened Plastic (Cannot guarantee color) All-Purpose Utility Hook